4 most surprising cuts from from the Detroit Lions initial 53-man roster

Things are subject to very quick change, but here are the most surprising cuts the Detroit Lions made as they got down to their initial 53-man roster.

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Dylan Drummond, Detroit Lions
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4. RB Bennie Snell

Snell was a core special teamer for the Steelers the last few years, which made him an easy candidate to make the Lions' roster, even as the No. 4 running back (not counting Jason Cabinda). He did not get much notable run in preseason games, but he did fairly well when he did get on the field (4.6 yards per carry running behind lackluster backup offensive lineman).

Snell could wind up back with the Lions, even possibly on the practice squad with room for someone with his experience level there. But letting him go in roster-cut gymnastics was a surprise.

3. WR Dylan Drummond

Drummond was a camp standout, and he seemed to seal his spot on the 53-man roster when he showed his mettle as an all-around receiver with five catches in the preseason finale. But the Lions waived him, taking a real chance he will go through unclaimed and be an option for the practice squad. It will be a surprise if none of the other 31 teams put in a claim on him.

With initial roster semantics in mind, the Lions kept five wide receivers on their initial 53 and rookie seventh-rounder Antoine Green was No. 5 after his own performance in the preseason finale.

Waiving Drummond could come back to bite the Lions, if they just assumed he'll clear waivers and come back to them.