4 Detroit Lions who won't make the 53-man roster in 2024

It's incredibly early, of course, but these four Detroit Lions players are already in real danger of not making the 53-man roster this year.
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1. K Michael Badgley

The Lions are starting to play back last year's record when it comes to the kicker spot, re-signing Badgley before free agency even started this time around. But Holmes promised competition will be added, and the Lions' general manager certainly knows that competition has to be more robust than last year's "competition" for Badgley (John Parker Romo signed out of the XFL, re-acquiring Riley Patterson in May).

Badgley of course lost the job to Patterson heading toward the start of last season, before landing back on the Lions' practice squad after two teams signed him and let him go. When Patterson started to struggle, Badgley finally won what had been a multi-week battle in practice.

Dan Campbell's fourth down aggressive means a Lions' kicker won't be attempting very many long field goals. But it became clear in the NFC Championship Game loss to San Francisco that Badgley was not an option when decisions came to go for it on a couple fourth downs based on his track record in those conditions (longer range, outdoors). Campbell may have gone for it anyway both times, but he surely knew Badgley was unlikely to make the kick.

In big spots in big games like the NFC Championship Game, now that they are in spots like that, it would be nice for the Lions to have a kicker who is not just shrugged off as a likely failure. The options currently available in free agency have really dried up, and for some people drafting a kicker is sacrilegious. But there's no doubt Badgley is on thin ice to make the 53-man roster again this year, and he is ripe to be replaced.


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