4 Detroit Lions who won't make the 53-man roster in 2024

It's incredibly early, of course, but these four Detroit Lions players are already in real danger of not making the 53-man roster this year.

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2. RB Craig Reynolds

The Lions clearly like Reynolds, bringing him back over and over, since he is a personification of what Dan Campbell and Brad Holmes want the team to be about. And when he has gotten an opportunity for a big offensive role, most notably for a few games during the 2021 season, he has often been productive. He is a core special teamer, which shouldn't be discounted.

Reynolds stepped for some run as the Lions' kickoff returner last season, averaging 26.6 yards per run back on minimal return opportunities (five). The NFL has revamped the kickoff for at least the 2024 season, so having someone dynamic with the ball in their hands (with multiple options?) in the role feels like an order. For better or worse, that's not really Reynolds.

Zonovan Knight was re-signed after an injury-abbreviated run with the Lions last season. He seems to have more juice as a runner than Reynolds does. And he returned kickoffs during his last two seasons at N.C. State, with three touchdowns and an average of 30.8 yards per return.

Reynolds felt vulnerable to losing his role as the Lions' No. 3 running back/kickoff returner/special teams guy when Knight was signed last summer, but he survived. It seems, particularly with what's in play regarding the kickoff return coming back into the NFL, he won't be as lucky this year.