3 Detroit Lions who could lose their job to a rookie this year

These three Detroit Lions players could be pushed by a rookie, maybe even right out of a job when it's all said and done.
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2. DL John Cominsky

Cominsky was a revelation as a waiver wire pickup for the Lions in 2022, working in tandem with Aidan Hutchinson quite well during that season and earning a multi-year contract. But last year brought a drop-off in production, as he was often simply a non-factor for a defensive line that needed more impact outside of Hutchinson and Alim McNeill.

The Lions didn't have a lot of candidates to be cut this offseason, but Cominsky was one. He took a pay cut to stick around, but he needs a solid training camp to solidify his place on the roster. In some sense, he could be a tradeable asset between now and Week 1 if his role looks to be diminished.

After the draft, Holmes made comments about Wingo that seemed to apply to the rookie threatening Josh Paschal's place on the defensive line. You know, since Paschal was named.

"The role? I originally had looked at him as purely a defensive tackle that was going to be playing inside. When I kept watching him, his rushing ability really started to come to light. I kind of put him in a separate box. A little bit like when we talked about (Josh) Paschal coming out. He's got a lot of stuff on tape as an edge rusher."

Those comments could just as easily apply to Cominsky. Wingo's versatility is a threat to Cominsky's role, at minimum, if not his roster spot when it comes down to it.