3 Denver Broncos who should be on the Detroit Lions' radar before the trade deadline

The Denver Broncos are a clear-cut trade deadline seller, and the Detroit Lions should have particular interest in these three players.
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1. WR Courtland Sutton

Most (if not all) of the trade rumors about a Broncos' wide receiver lately have centered around Jerry Jeudy, and it feels like a matter of time before he's gone. Perhaps a good bit before the Oct. 31 trade deadline too. But Sutton might be just as available, and in terms of a fit for the Lions he's a step above Jeudy as a big, downfield threat with a large catch radius.

Check out this touchdown catch from last Thursday night against the Chiefs.

Pair Sutton's skill set with how proficient Jared Goff has been as a downfield passer so far this season....that's a dangerous combination, to say the least. And something, even with how good Josh Reynolds has been, the Lions' pass offense doesn't quite have right now.

Sutton has two more seasons left on his contract after this one, with fairly hefty cap hits of $17.3 million (2024) and $17,8 million (2025). But there's no more guaranteed salary left in his deal after his year, with a potentially palatable out in 2024. It's a fair question if he'll be a Bronco next year, even if he is not traded in the next couple weeks.

It's easy to brush off the idea of the Lions trading for Sutton, in deference to Jameson Williams taking on a bigger role moving forward. But it's worth wondering how much patience there will be with Williams, as he works out any kinks in his game and the team tries to stack wins. Sutton comes with no such concerns, beyond the obvious of coming in from another team, learning a new offense and trying to build quick chemistry with Goff.


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