3 Denver Broncos who should be on the Detroit Lions' radar before the trade deadline

The Denver Broncos are a clear-cut trade deadline seller, and the Detroit Lions should have particular interest in these three players.
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3. PK Wil Lutz

I and others have said it, and I'll say it again. At some point, Riley Patterson's distance limitations will bite the Lions where it hurts at a key moment in a key game. Dan Campbell's aggressive nature on fourth down mostly masks it, when the consequences are lower and it's a viable option go for it. But there will be a time when there's no choice but to trot Patterson for a field goal he's not a good bet to make, with something important or even the season (in a playoff game) on the line.

Patterson has not missed a kick yet this season (5-for-5 on field goals, 19-for-19 on extra points). So there's no great urgency to replace him, and in a vacuum it won't happen regardless of the risk
there might be of a pressured-packed, long(ish)-range miss down the road.

Payton tapped into his Saints' history to bring Lutz to Denver via a trade late in the preseason. After a shaky Broncos' debut in Week 1 (a missed extra point and a missed field goal), he has not missed a kick; including a 51-yard game-winner in Week 4.

Of course Campbell knows Lutz pretty well himself, overlapping with the kicker as an assistant coach for the Saints from 2016-2020.