3 Denver Broncos players the Detroit Lions could have interest in trading for before the deadline

As the season heads in the wrong direction for the Denver Broncos, even after a win Sunday, these three players could be of particular interest to the Detroit Lions moving toward the trade deadline.
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3. OT Cam Fleming

Fleming has 112 games and 61 starts on his resume, but he's clearly a backup on the Broncos' offensive line this year after starting 15 games last season.

The Lions have lost swing tackle Matt Nelson to IR with an ankle injury that will require surgery. There are options available in free agency or to pluck off the practice squad of another team, and any possible trade for a backup tackle would not be an earth-shattering move by its sheer nature.

A seventh-round pick should be plenty enough to get Fleming if the Lions wanted to make him their new swing tackle.

2. PK Will Lutz

Let's get a little bit crazy. Lutz had history with Payton on New Orleans, which made him an easy trade addition for the Broncos when the Saints were ready to move on. Then he missed a field goal and an extra point in Week 1, but he has set things back on his more typical course the last few games (including the game-winning 51-yard field goal on Sunday).

The Lions seem content with Riley Patterson as their kicker, and he's been quite good so far this season (5-for-5 on-5 field goals, 13-for-13 on extra points). But he has distance limitations, and even if that meshes fine with Dan Campbell's aggressive nature it's a problem that could rear its head at an inopportune time.

A trade for a kicker certainly has a "why bother?" element to it. But Lutz, should he be even faintly available, is an undeniable upgrade for the Lions that's worth at least seeing about.