5 players the Detroit Lions should watch in the College Football Playoff

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With the 2023 draft providing a nice opportunity to keep stocking the talent cupboard, the Detroit Lions should pay attention to these five players in the College Football Playoff.

The College Football Playoff field has been set. Georgia, Michigan, TCU and Ohio State will be vying for college football’s national championship. Millions of people will be watching these two teams play, but not all of them for the same reasons. Many will watch because these are their favorite teams, hoping this is their year to win it all.

These teams are the best in the country because they have significant individual talent in addition to their overall team talent. Many players between these four teams will move on after this year and enter the 2023 NFL Draft. The Detroit Lions have two first-round picks again, so you can bet they will be sending scouts to watch these teams play. Let’s look at five players the Lions (and their fans) should pay close attention to during the College Football Playoff.

5 players the Detroit Lions should be watching in the College Football Playoff

Quarterback C.J. Stroud–Ohio State

For most of this season, Lions fans have been watching the Ohio State Buckeyes closely, not just because they may have been Michigan fans, but also because they have a potential NFL franchise quarterback at the helm of their offense. Stroud is a smooth pocket passer whose mechanics are nearly flawless. He is mostly known as a pinpoint and consistent passer who rarely throws the ball off-target. He has been surrounded by playmakers at Ohio State, but he has also undoubtedly made those receivers better through his play. He has thrown for 7,775 yards and 81 touchdowns over the last two seasons and is ranked as the fourth overall player in the 2023 drart class by Pro Football Focus.

Jared Goff has played above expectations this year, and some may say the Lions do not need to draft a quarterback in April. But Stroud is a high-level prospect, and they would do well to pay close attention to him as he plays the top-ranked Georgia defense that is loaded with NFL prospects. Speaking of Georgia prospects…