Mount Rushmore of most hated figures in Detroit Lions history

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Matt Patricia, Detroit Lions
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1. Matt Patricia

Recency bias is in full bloom here, and I could combined the most recently fired Lions’ GM-coach combo (unaffectionately refered to as “Quinntricia”) into one entity as a hated figure in team history.

When Quinn came to Detroit as general manager in 2016, after a long run in the New England Patriots orginzation, it felt like it would only be a matter of time before he’d hire a head coach who was “his guy.” Jim Caldwell led the Lions to the playoffs in 2016, so it couldn’t be done after that season. But a 9-7 non-playoff season in 2017 did the trick. Caldwell was fired and replaced with Patricia, the Patriots’ defensive coordinator who had become a head coaching candidate.

Patricia tried to bring “The Patriot Way” to Detroit, working with Quinn to re-do the roster in an image that could not be delivered. With his degree in aeronautical engineering and pencil always over his ear, he projected himself as the smartest guy in any room. He even criticized a reporter’s posture during a media session, as if he was some authority of professionalism. It rang hollow, as he regularly looked like he’d dug for the clothes that smelled the least bad out of his laundry hamper to wear to work. He tried to lean all the way into being a Bill Belichick clone, without the credibility to pull it off.

Some players who played for Patricia in Detroit have been open about their dislike for him, and his current shortcomings back in New England calling offensive plays are easy fodder for those who hate him. Quinn deserves a mention here too, but Patricia is an easy No. 1 for this list.

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