Detroit Lions 2022 undrafted rookie contract details unveiled

Mandatory Credit: Brett Rojo-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Brett Rojo-USA TODAY Sports /

The details of the contracts the Detroit Lions gave their 2022 rookie undrafted free agents are out, and almost all as expected or initially reported.

After making their eight selections in the 2022 NFL Draft, the Detroit Lions signed 12 undrafted rookie free agents. How many will stick is an open question, but in 2021 the Lions got noticeable contributions from a few undrafted rookies (Jerry Jacobs, AJ Parker, Brock Wright, Tommy Kraemer).

Now, via Over The Cap, the contract details for the Lions’ 2022 undrafted rookies are out. From high to low in terms of total guaranteed money, here’s how they come in. (h/t to Pride of Detroit for piecing together a digestible list).

OL Obinna Eze-$170,000
OL Kevin Jarvis-$155,000
RB Greg Bell-$100,000
CB Jermaine Waller-$65,000
WR Corey Sutton-$50,000
OL Zein Obeid-$30,000
CB Cedric Boswell-$30,000
DL Demetrius Taylor-$15,000
WR Kalil Pimpleton-$15,000
WR Josh Johnson-$15,000
TE Nolan Givan-$10,000
TE Derrick Deese Jr.-$5,000

What are the takeaways from Detroit Lions undrafted rookie deals?

An initial report had the Lions giving Deese $100,000 in total guaranteed money as a UDFA, but that wound up not the case with only a $5,000 signing bonus guaranteed to him.

Eze, Jarvis, Bell, Waller, Sutton, Obeid and Boswell got guaranteed salary, ranging from $150,000 (Eze) down to $15,000 (Obeid and Boswell).

The deals given to Eze, Jarvis and Bell ended up as first reported. All three have gotten some level of attention as undrafted guys to watch for the Lions.

If there are any surprises, beyond Deese getting far less money than first reported, it’s the guaranteed money given to Waller compared to others below him on the high end and Pimpleton to the low end.

However many, if any, of the Lions’ 2022 undrafted free agents make the 53-man roster, a handful of these guys (Bell, Pimpleton, Sutton, Taylor, Waller) are strong candidates for the practice squad if they make it back to be added to it.

If Eze and Jarvis don’t make the final 53 for the Lions and are cut, it’s safe to assume another team will snap them up faster than it just took me to type this sentence.

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