3 trade options for the Detroit Lions to get two top-15 picks in the 2022 draft

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Detroit Lions Receive: Pick No. 14 & 119
Baltimore Ravens Receive: Pick No. 32 & 34

This is a much simpler deal, and it could make a lot of sense for both sides. Baltimore is a team in real need of depth. They have been decimated by injuries over the past few years, and the draft could allow the restock with cheap depth.

But they are also a team that has a lot of top-end talent right now, and a top-15 pick might not be in position to make an immediate impact. They make this move if they see more value in adding talent depth to their team rather than a top-end prospect. They would have a chance to add a linebacker and a wide receiver with picks 32 and 34.

Detroit does this deal for the opposite reason. There isn’t a whole lot of top-end talent on the roster currently and they could use pick 14 to add a premier offensive weapon at the wide receiver position. Specifically, there’s a chance they could land either Chris Olave or Jameson Williams with that pick. They would be sacrificing two picks that have really good value but would be recouping some of that value by gaining the No. 119 pick later on.

Ultimately, Detroit doesn’t need to do any of these deals. They are in a really good position as is right now. But if they want to add another top-15 pick, these could be moves to get them there.

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