Detroit Lions proving interesting to watch despite losses

Jared Goff, Detroit Lions. Detroit Free Press
Jared Goff, Detroit Lions. Detroit Free Press /

The Detroit Lions are losing games, but they have been interesting.

Depending on your outlook as a Detroit Lions fan, the team is either on the verge of finally getting a win in the 2021 season or they’re going 0-17 this year. The former seems to be closer to the truth as the team pulled all the stops in Los Angeles on Sunday to do everything in their power to get a win.

Let’s not forget, this Lions team is two last-second field goals away from already having two wins under their belt. That’s not to say they could or will be sniffing the playoffs, but they’ve been mostly competitive before falling short most weeks. The 2021 Lions, despite an obvious rebuild, have been very interesting to watch.

In their first game against the San Francisco 49ers, the Lions staged an epic comeback. It failed, of course. But it showed the team’s resilience.

Two weeks later, the Lions gave the Baltimore Ravens all they could handle before losing on a record-setting, last-second field goal. And two weeks after that, they lost by the exact same 19-17 score in the exact same way to the division rival Minnesota Vikings.

What about the Detroit Lions outlook for the rest of 2021?

That brings us to this past Sunday when the team traveled to Los Angeles to face the Rams and had a chance to tie with a touchdown and take the lead with an extra point. Instead, an interception ended their comeback bid. But they still had a chance until mere minutes remained in the fourth quarter, and in general a winning formula was found.

In any given week, it feels like the Lions could get over the hump and get their first win of the season. Against the Philadelphia Eagles at home in Week 8, it could be their week.

If it isn’t their week this week, the Lions are still sure to be entertaining. Head coach Dan Campbell’s generally aggressive mentality will assure that, though emptying the bag of trick plays may not be necessary against the Eagles.

Credit Campbell for the new culture he has introduced in the Motor City, and it’s something for fans to hold onto through this rebuilding year. And when the Lions finally get a win, it’s going to be exciting for all involved.