Detroit Lions rushing attack pivotal for Week 4 success

Jamaal Williams, Detroit Lions (Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images)
Jamaal Williams, Detroit Lions (Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images) /

The Detroit Lions have a dynamic backfield duo with D’Andre Swift and Jamaal Williams. One back shows elite speed while the other skill player displays a bruising style with a receiving pedigree. The Lions rushing attack is one of a kind and unique. Their combined performance this Sunday can contribute to the first win of the Lions season.

Swift is a dual-threat runner that contains explosiveness. A pitch outside or halfback screen Swift can take either play and create long yardage. Jamaal has scored two rushing touchdowns on three red zone goal line opportunities this season. He’s exhibiting versatility within the offense, attaining 15 receptions in three games this season.

Throughout this young NFL season, both running backs combine for 493 all-purpose yards and four touchdowns. They are interchangeable while adding flexibility for offensive play calling. Swift is gaining more snaps while returning from his preseason injury.

The Chicago Bears have allowed opponents to rush for 358 yards this season, ranking 21st in the NFL. Their linebackers were gashed by the Cleveland Browns, allowing 215 rushing yards and 5.1 yards per touch. Analytics show the Browns defense was on the field for two thirds of that entire game.

With the Lions’ offensive line allowing three sacks in the last two games, it shows improvement on that front. Having more personnel on the line of scrimmage to block will open up running lanes. Achieving first downs while progressing the ball down the field can lead to a longer time of possession for Detroit

.Jared Goff completing good throws, while not turning over the ball leads to sound game management. Play calling will be the key in this game, balance with the run and pass can keep the defense honest instead of heavy blitzing by the Chicago defense.

If Detroit can accomplish all those feats while keeping the Chicago defense on the field for the majority of the game, it raises the chance of winning the contest. Both backs can ground and pound for the Lions and be effective this Sunday.