Detroit Lions: Is quarterback Jared Goff the answer?

Jared Goff, Detroit Lions (Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images)
Jared Goff, Detroit Lions (Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images) /

It’s a question many have asked repeatedly: “Is quarterback Jared Goff the answer for the Detroit Lions at the position going forward?” Is he a stop-gap? Is he in the Motor City just so to help the trade work for the desired draft capital? How long before the Lions draft a new quarterback?

Many, many questions floating around about the quarterback position in the Motor City. The answer might be simple and right in front of our eyes. Goff might be the quarterback of the future in Honolulu Blue.

It’s an answer that national media, pundits, and fans might not like to accept. But it might be the only actual answer. Goff is the starter. There isn’t a young quarterback waiting in the wings, so to speak. Much has been said about Goff’s contract and a solid two years of him on the team before any move would make sense to replace him.

Most of all, recent comments by Detroit Lions general manager Brad Holmes tell fans exactly what the current management thinks of Goff. Hint, it isn’t just a stop-gap quarterback until they can find someone better. Here are Holmes’ comments reported by

"“I never viewed [Goff] as a bridge option. He’s been a winning quarterback. His resume speaks for itself. Since he’s been a full-time starter he’s not been to the playoffs one time (2019).”"

That doesn’t sound like a general manager who’s looking to draft a quarterback in the next couple of years. It sounds like he was in a tough spot with a solid quarterback that wanted a fresh start and did his very best to replace him instantly. The debate of who is the better quarterback and how they will be compared whether we like it or not doesn’t really matter at this point.

Goff is the Detroit Lions starter

It will be that way in 2021 and beyond. Goff can be blamed for the winning or the losing. The record this coming season will either justify your feelings of the new Lions signal-caller or will have you happier than expected. Remember, if they win games, they aren’t delaying the inevitable – unless you’re terribly pessimistic.

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Instead, they are doing what is expected of them by this front office and what the fan base yearns for.  Whether they are rebuilding or retooling or whatever you want to call it, they won’t apologize for winning. And if Goff helps them bring W’s in the win column, great!

But remember, he’s new to Detroit and needs a chance. A chance to win over the fans. A chance to win some games. And a chance to show what he can do in this offense. Expect Holmes to give Goff those chances and then some.