Lions believe in Jared Goff, but may still draft a quarterback high

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Trey Lance, Detroit Lions
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Talented, quality depth makes the whole team better

So is Jared Goff the answer at quarterback? There have been many who have approached this question with the idea that we should see how Goff does next season then make a decision.

There is a reason why that may not be the best approach. Simply put, with a rebuilding team that especially has needs at receiver, even if the Lions use the number seven overall pick to get Ja’Marr Chase, DeVonta Smith, or Jaylen Waddle, this is still a team in transition that is not ready to win yet.

To base the decision of what is best for the future of the Detroit Lions off a season of Goff laboring on a team that is worse offensively than what Matthew Stafford helped engineer to a 5-11 record last year may not give anyone the truest answer.

Sure the defense might be better, especially since it couldn’t really be any worse, so the Lions’ record may actually be palatable with four, five, or six wins for a team that is rebuilding. But if the passing game struggles will it all be Goff’s fault?

Pretty much from day one Brad Holmes and Dan Campbell have been straight to the point of saying every move is geared towards where the team will be two years from now. That may mean Goff, who will be 28 in two years and in his prime, is expected to quarterback a contender.

It could also mean that Goff gives the Lions their best chance to be competitive now. Even though the team still has plenty of needs to address and every hole will not be filled in one offseason, Goff who is a young veteran who has won in the NFL gives Detroit an opportunity to try to build a winning attitude and make this franchise as competitive as possible while building itself into a real contender.

That scenario would also mean the Lions could draft a quarterback at number seven, if they have one drop to them that they are sold on, and allow him to be groomed behind Goff.

If passers like Trey Lance or Justin Fields are available when the Lions are on the clock and Brad Holmes is sold on them, then the opportunity to get the possible quarterback of the future and groom him on the bench could be a huge win/win for Detroit.

Dan Campbell has already said he wants competition at every position. It has been the lack of competition at quarterback in the past that has hurt the Lions.

Not that many quarterbacks would have come out of college with a chance to unseat Stafford when he was here, but if you have a talented young passer that is competing hard and making the incumbent veteran better while also giving the team more talented quality depth at the position, then the whole team is better off.

When was the last time the Lions actually had a quarterback who could help them win if Matthew was injured? Plus what if the quarterback competition proves that the young gun is better for the team in the future?

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Do Brad Holmes and Dan Campbell like Jared Goff? Absolutely, but with an eye focused on the future and a desire to have competition up and down the roster, then there is every reason to believe that if the right quarterback is available when the Lions are on the clock, then Holmes may just jump on him.