Detroit Lions: The operative term isn’t ‘building’, it’s being smart

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There is a reason to have hope

Now let’s get this right out in the open. Despite having assembled a talented front office and coaching staff that has drawn praise from around the league, the Lions haven’t won anything yet.

Despite how well Brad Holmes handled the Matthew Stafford trade, the Lions haven’t accomplished anything on the field. Only time will eventually tell us whether Holmes and Campbell will lead the Lions to the promised land.

However, there is certainly reason to have hope.

The Matthew Stafford trade brought valuable draft assets back to the Motor City. How they are utilized over the course of the next couple of drafts will go a long way towards giving the Lions a chance to build a contender.

Despite the ever-growing tension from many fans, the decision to let Kenny Golladay walk, knowing they will have the opportunity to get a talented receiver in the draft that is deep at the position and will save them money, shows the foresight needed to build a winner.

In a league like the NFL where the salary cap and rules are set up to allow the smartest teams to win, it is very rare that a team is able to ‘buy’ a championship. As a matter of fact, the use of that term really applies to franchises that have built a contender through the draft then get that prized final piece in free agency.

Brad Holmes’ plan isn’t some complicated process. It’s the formula outlined earlier. Draft well, develop players, and spend in free agency when the time is right. Despite Holmes’ use of the term ‘retooling’, that isn’t what he is doing.

The spending in free agency has been very cap-friendly and has acquired some pieces that may be around when Brad Holmes and Dan Campbell think they are ready to hit the ground running. Those that won’t be here have the ability to help the team now without the Lions having to pay for it down the road.

If you have paid attention to what Holmes and Campbell have said, everything they do today is with an eye towards two years down the road. That means draft well, develop those players, and don’t hurt the cap with short-sighted moves.

There will need to be patience not only from Holmes and Campbell but from the fans. Will this new regime strike gold? Time will tell, but if Holmes finds talent and Campbell and his staff get the most out of it, then there will be tangible reasons to believe in this regime.

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Progress is the key. With it, the Lions are heading in the right direction, without it, there are reasons to doubt.

So far the Brad Holmes/Dan Campbell era has been positive. We can all only hope it continues and they prove to be the smartest men in the room, even if they never attempt to claim that title.