Is Trey Lance the Lions’ long-term answer at quarterback?

Quarterback Trey Lance #5 of the North Dakota State Bison (Photo by Sam Wasson/Getty Images)
Quarterback Trey Lance #5 of the North Dakota State Bison (Photo by Sam Wasson/Getty Images) /
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Trey Lance, North Dakota State (Photo by Sam Wasson/Getty Images)
Trey Lance, North Dakota State (Photo by Sam Wasson/Getty Images) /

Is Trey Lance the answer?

So is Trey Lance worth the risk/reward of being the Lions’ top pick, should he be available when Detroit is on the clock?

The opinion seems to be in his favor, but does one day of working out and proving what a good athlete he is make up for the lack of game film?

That is the decision that Brad Holmes and Dan Campbell must make should Lance be available when they are on the clock next month at the NFL draft.

The Lions have so many needs that no one should be horribly upset if this new brass decides on going another route. However, my belief is that if Detroit is not drafting their quarterback of the future, they will trade back to collect additional draft capital.

Sure the Lions need a receiver or two or three, but the depth is good at the position. If they don’t want a quarterback, trade back and they’ll still have a chance to get an outstanding receiver and an additional pick for maybe a linebacker too.

The analysis of the 2021 NFL Draft has been long and hard already. Considering this was the year of no NFL Combine, the book is now closed on Trey Lance. Teams are either sold on him or not.

Are the Lions sold on him? We won’t know unless they select him in the draft. But if they do, this is as about a good situation as Lance could get. A bad team that is starting to stockpile draft picks and hoping that through a keen player evaluation process will turn those picks into the backbone of a winner.

A true novelty for Lions fans, but while Lance sits and learns as Goff minds the shop and has talent added to the roster around him for the next couple of seasons, by the time Lance is ready to take the reigns he could have something to work with.

If Holmes and Campbell have done their job right, by the time Lance is ready to play, the Lions should be competitive enough that they won’t get Lance killed or destroy his confidence right out of the gate.

Obviously this all speculative. Yet it is how winners are built. Draft well, play your young quarterback when he’s ready to play, and then watch your team rise in the standings.

Even though it hasn’t happened here in Detroit in the modern era, it can happen. With shrewd draft selections and a quality coaching staff, then even the Lions could become winners.

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So is Trey Lance the long-term answer at quarterback? Maybe. We will eventually find out what kind of NFL signal-caller he will become. But with Brad Holmes poker face, unless he’s on the board when the Lions pick, we’ll never know for sure if he was their man or not.