Is Zach Wilson the next Detroit Lions quarterback?

Zach Wilson, Brigham Young Cougars (Melissa Majchrzak-USA TODAY Sports)
Zach Wilson, Brigham Young Cougars (Melissa Majchrzak-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Zach Wilson, Brigham Young Cougars
Zach Wilson, Brigham Young Cougars (Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports) /

The Detroit Lions are about to embark on one of two paths, either a complete rebuild or a re-tool of their current roster. This article is focused on the rebuild option and the possibility that the new general manager, Brad Holmes, decides to start over with a different quarterback.

Specifically, since both Trevor Lawrence of Clemson and Justin Fields of Ohio State will likely be long gone by the time the Lions draft (slot seven), we will focus on the next best option to many, Brigham Young’s Zach Wilson.

Holmes and the Detroit Lions search committee have also selected Dan Campbell as the new head coach and the speculation is that Aaron Glenn will likely be the new defensive coordinator according to multiple NFL sources. No offensive coordinator has been named at this time.

Of note, Holmes did not endorse or indicate what is to become of quarterback Matthew Stafford in his first interviews with Detroit media. Instead, he qualified the job ahead of him as a “re-tool”, not a rebuild. Is that just basic positivity or is he hinting that he’d like Stafford back?

Likely it means that no decisions have been made.

Disclaimer: The discussion of another quarterback doesn’t mean that I think getting rid of the current quarterback, Matthew Stafford, is the best idea but it simply reflects the reality that one of the easiest ways for a new general manager to make their mark is by drafting their own quarterback. Also, Stafford could decide to leave, forcing the need for a new signal-caller.

Perhaps in another article, we’ll discuss the wisdom of taking the risk of a new quarterback versus keeping a veteran who is beloved by most of the fanbase. But here we will only discuss Wilson’s merits as a potential No. 7 overall draft pick.