Detroit Lions: A dynamic head coach would make a world of difference

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Matthew Stafford, Detroit Lions (Photo By DetroitFreePress Syndicate)
Matthew Stafford, Detroit Lions (Photo By DetroitFreePress Syndicate) /

The Detroit Lions’ next head coach needs to be more dynamic than genius.

The Detroit Lions‘ search for a new general manager and head coach seems to be coming close to completion. Several candidates have been interviewed for each position and the fan base is now anxiously awaiting the final decisions.

Some people, both in the media and fan base, seem to think that one of those two positions may be more important than the other. The truth is that a general manager can’t succeed without a head coach that is able to utilize the players he acquires and a head coach simply can’t win without talent.

The general manager and head coach relationship in terms of importance is equal if a franchise has any aspirations of winning. Because finding talent and then getting the most out of it is the catch 22 of winning. If you have both of those elements you have a chance to contend for a championship. If you have only one one of them, you have nothing.

Right now the Lions are extremely low on talent, especially on the defensive side of the ball. Yet even on offense, there are some decided needs too. The fact is that this team is in need of a complete rebuild, despite those who believe that nabbing an elite receiver with the seventh overall pick in this April’s draft will solve everything.

Yes, Matthew Stafford is still very capable of leading a good team to the playoffs. However, the Lions are nowhere near being a good team simply because of the fact that the defense is putrid beyond measure.

So once Sheila Ford Hamp decides who will be her new general manager and also hires a new head coach, this tandem will have to have the strength to purge this roster and rebuild it in a championship image rather than continuing to try to piece it back together with odds, ends and ex-Patriots that no other self-respecting NFL team wants.

A general manager with a keen eye for talent can restock this roster with talent, while a dynamic head coach can create a winner on the field. And ‘dynamic’ should be the biggest trait Sheila is looking for in her new head coach.