Is this Matthew Stafford’s last game as a Lion? No miracles please

Matthew Stafford, Detroit Lions (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
Matthew Stafford, Detroit Lions (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images) /
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Detroit Lions (Photo by Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports)
Detroit Lions (Photo by Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports) /

This might be Matthew Stafford’s final game with the Detroit Lions

The Detroit Lions will close out their season against the Minnesota Vikings. Neither team has any postseason hopes, but the Honolulu Blue and Silver does have something to play for; the future of the franchise.

We are all very aware of Sheila Ford Hamp’s search for a new general manager and head coach to turn this backward franchise around. It is also no secret that such a trick won’t be easy.

Since George Wilson coached Detroit to their last championship in 1957 there have been 15 head coaches and three interim head coaches that have all learned just how incredibly tough an assignment it is to turn the Lions into winners.

This is a franchise that has only made 12 postseason appearances in the last 63 years with one playoff victory to show for it. If Sheila’s new general manager and head coach are able to lead the Lions to a Super Bowl championship, then they should be immediately enshrined in Canton for doing the impossible.

Yet that is exactly what Lions fans and Sheila are hoping for. A new era where these Motor City cats can stand toe-to-toe with the NFL’s elite and legitimately compete for a Super Bowl title.

Obviously, due to the difficulty of exorcising 60 years of losing this won’t be an easy task. It will take a general manager with a keen eye for talent that is able to share the exact same vision as the Lions’ new head coach to stock this roster with the players needed to give this franchise a chance to break free of its past.

Equally as important will be having a dynamic head coach that is able to get all his players on the same page, executing with ruthless efficiency, and getting them to play at their highest level possible.

That is the gateway to championships. Something the Lions have never even caught a glimpse of. Yet one way or another after the Lions have finished their game against the Minnesota Vikings a new era will begin. Hopefully, after the ‘same old Lions’ have made one final appearance.