Detroit Lions coach and general manager use all nine lives

Matt Patricia, Detroit Lions. Mandatory Credit: Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports
Matt Patricia, Detroit Lions. Mandatory Credit: Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports /

Detroit Lions head coach Matt Patricia loses all nine lives in Motown

The die-hard Detroit Lions fans have been waiting for this to happen since the Week 1 meltdown loss versus the Chicago Bears. Head coach Matt Patricia has used up all of his nine lives in Detroit and has been sent packing, along with general manager Bob Quinn. The housecleaning has begun.

The red flare signaling the firing of Patricia was shot into the air when the Lions laid an egg against the Carolina Panthers. Failing to score a single point is almost hard to do in today’s NFL. Somehow, Patricia and the Lions found a way. Then, Thanksgiving Day arrived and we saw the Houston Texans toy with Detroit in a blowout loss.

Back to back losses in terrible fashion represented the final nails in the coffin for Patricia. While there was some speculation that Quinn might be able to stick around, he tied his fate to Patricia when firing former coach Jim Caldwell after a winning season.

While 2020 may feel like a wasted season, one could argue the injury to starting quarterback Matthew Stafford in 2019 derailed Patricia’s chances of winning. Giving him 2020 to get things rolling again with a healthy quarterback wasn’t completely crazy. It was his third year as head coach, not an unreasonable amount of time to install your culture and system with personnel to fit your needs.

But, ultimately, it didn’t work. New owner Sheila Ford Hamp recognized that it wasn’t working and knew the second chances were all used up. It’s time to move on and try something new. The “Patriots Midwest” experiment is over.

How far will housecleaning go?

Honestly, it might be done until a new general manager and coach are hired. Then, they will decide the fate of the rest of the coaching staff and scouting department. Team president Rod Wood technically has nothing to do with the on-field product. His influence is minimal in Detroit and relieving him wouldn’t create the change fans might want to see.

What fans should prepare for, good or bad, is the new regime to trade or release Stafford. A fresh start means the franchises leading quarterback in almost every category should be moving on. Keeping him would mean 2021 is a transition year while the newly drafted quarterback learns the way of the NFL. And, maybe, the new coach can get some wins with Stafford while they are at it.

What fans really want in a new head coach is an innovative coach that can make adjustments on the fly and get the most out of the players. Someone who won’t continually bring in former players from one team to try to recreate a franchise. But, instead, someone who will create something new and unique – and winning – in Detroit.

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Until then, sit back and enjoy the rest of 2020 while you can. These Detroit Lions might shock you and put up a few wins while they’re at it. A new Honolulu Blue wave is coming to the Motor City. You’ll just have to wait a few months to know the details of what it will look like. And you’ll most likely have to wait a year or two until you see the effects of it creating a winning team.