Detroit Lions are at a standstill with head coach Matt Patricia

Detroit Lions head coach Matt Patricia (Michael McLoone-USA TODAY Sports)
Detroit Lions head coach Matt Patricia (Michael McLoone-USA TODAY Sports) /

The Detroit Lions and the Matt Patricia experiment is near its end

As the Detroit Lions prepare to take on the Carolina Panthers later today, there seems to be an uneasy standing with head coach Matt Patricia. Sitting at a record of 4-5, it doesn’t reflect just how bad Detroit has been this season.

The Lions are technically still in the playoff hunt. However, the postseason is a stretch for this football team. Three of their four wins this season have come against the bottom 10 teams in the NFL. That’s not to take credit away from these players because the Lions are talented enough to a point where they should beat those teams.

Unfortunately, that’s the biggest problem in Detroit. Under head coach Matt Patricia, they are good enough to win against the bottom feeders, but they are also bad enough to where the playoffs are unlikely. That has left this organization at a standstill with their third-year head coach.

A back and forth trend has kept Patricia at his current position 11 weeks into the season. Can the team justify firing him now, even when the playoffs are within reach? Based on the team’s performance over his tenure, the answer should be “yes”.

But there’s an elephant in the room and ownership in Detroit refuses to point it out. They appear to be holding out hope that Patricia can pull one last rabbit out of his hat and somehow save face and his job with an immaculate run to end the season.

The Lions are only prolonging the inevitable. They clearly don’t want to move on from the former Bill Belichick protege until they absolutely have no other choice, for whatever reason. And it’s their loyal fanbase that’s paying the price, suffering through another lost season.

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Personally, the inaction by the Detroit Lions’ ownership has taken a lot of fun out of the season for me and other fans. There’s no real goal or objectives left. Just a lot of waiting until the choice is finally made. Seven more football games until this fanbase can finally move on from Matt Patricia and a disaster of an era that may ultimately force the team to start all over again from scratch.