A Detroit Lions loss could be the end for Matt Patricia

Matt Patricia, Detroit Lions (Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images)
Matt Patricia, Detroit Lions (Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images) /

If the Lions lose, Matt Patricia could be shown the door

In Week 6, the 1-3 Detroit Lions take on the Jacksonville Jaguars in which they also only have one win to their name so far this season. This matchup can go either way but the Lions should be seen as the favorites for this game. Even though the Lions are the favorites, anything can happen.

If the Lions do lose this game, their record will drop to 1-4 and head coach Matt Patricia’s record will be 10-26-1 since he took over the team. That could be enough for ownership to fire the head coach that they’ve seen to be so reluctant to part ways with.

A loss to the lowly Jaguars though, a team that many saw going into the season as the worst in the league, could be what it takes for Patricia to be fired. On paper, the Lions are the much better team. They have much more experience all over the offense as the Jaguars are extremely young on the offensive front with most of their players being in their first or second year in the league.

Both team’s defenses remain shaky at best but the Lions have more players with experience that include Super Bowl rings to some of their names.

As the Lions are the better team, a loss to the Jaguars would be quite an embarrassment in which could result in frustration among the team and fanbase.

As Patricia doesn’t necessarily have a great relationship with his players, which some have been outspoken about including former cornerback Darius Slay, the loss could result in a captain like quarterback Matthew Stafford or another high profile player to privately bring up with ownership how they’re tired of losing and that they don’t think Patricia has the ability to coach/control the team anymore.

Also, if they lose and fire Patricia, they might want someone new to guide the team for the rest of the season as perhaps a new coach and game plan would result in better play. With a loss making the team 1-4 after five games, it wouldn’t be too late to turn things around, especially with an easier schedule coming up although it would be quite the challenge.

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The Detroit Lions should win the game against the Jacksonville Jaguars. And while some fans may already want Matt Patricia out, a victory will for sure keep him in Motown for at least a little longer.