Are Lions fans willing to sacrifice this season to get rid of Matt Patricia?

Detroit Lions fans (Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images)
Detroit Lions fans (Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images) /
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Detroit Lions, Matt Patricia
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The Detroit Lions’ Matt Patricia helped his own cause with last week’s win, but are fans willing to sacrifice the rest of the season to see him gone?

The Detroit Lions were on life support last weekend until they gutted out a victory over the undefeated and surprising Arizona Cardinals. It was a solid effort that netted their first win of the season. But for some fans that was one win too many.

There has been a divide among Lions fans throughout head coach Matt Patricia’s two-plus years in the Motor City. Many fans are ready to blow up this administration and others keep saying to trust the process.

I say that even with the complete re-build or at the very least the major overhaul general manager Bob Quinn and Matt Patricia have been doing with the Lions, by the third season into that re-build the team should at least be visibly on the rise.

Give me a competent general manager and a good, not even great, head coach, and they will have their team at least starting to look competitive by the third season together. The better the general manager and the better the coach, the sooner they start winning, but three years is enough for any regime that is worthwhile to start to show results.

As the Lions prepare to face the New Orleans Saints, they have shown very little results so far. The win over the Cardinals was a good solid win, but there is clearly still much work to do.

The next step we are all waiting to see is how the Lions fare against the Saints. After an acceptable game defensively against the Cardinals can the defense take another baby step forward and play reasonably well against Drew Brees and the New Orleans offense?

I don’t think anyone would be too surprised if the Lions offense has a pretty good day against the Saints because they have enough pieces to be competitive, even if they haven’t been overly consistent so far this season. It’s Matt Patricia’s defense that has everything to prove and one of the big reasons he is on the hot seat.