Detroit Lions: Position by position breakdown of the 53-man roster

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2020 Offensive Outlook

With a top tier quarterback, solid depth at the running back position, good wide receivers, an emerging tight end and a solid offensive line, the Lions should have one of the better offenses in the league.

No one can throw the ball harder than Stafford can and with potentially a better blocking unit protecting him, he’ll have more protection which will give him more time to find an open target.

The running game has always been an issue in Detroit for a long time but the Lions are hoping that this is the year that they can put that tendency to rest. Everyone is rooting for a bounce back season from Kerryon Johnson as he went from averaging 5.4 yards a run in his rookie year to 3.6 in his sophomore season.

In case he can’t regain his form, the Lions drafted Swift who is expected to be a key part of the Lions future and signed Peterson, a former MVP that can contribute to the team now and mentor the young players.

Golladay led the league in touchdowns with 11 last season while Jones Jr got nine. That was with their star quarterback out for half the season. Just imagine how much better they could be with Stafford throwing the ball for 16 games.

Hockenson didn’t live up to the hype of a first-round pick in his first season but most tight ends transform into a key contributor at the professional level in the second year. He’s expected to be a big part of the Lions season in 2020.

The offensive line was beefed up for the upcoming season with the players on the right side making their Lions debut. The Lions offense will be one to watch and can easily be one of the best in the league if everything goes according to plan.