Should the Detroit Lions bring back their black uniforms?

Joey Harrington, Detroit Lions (Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images).
Joey Harrington, Detroit Lions (Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images). /

The Detroit Lions recently shared their uniform combos, but should they be back in black?

The Detroit Lions have had many different variations of their uniforms throughout their history. And ahead of the 2020 season kicking off, the team shared their current uniform combinations for the year and asked fans which combo is their favorite. Which begs another question: should the team bring the black jerseys back from the depths of the Matt Millen era?

On one hand, it immediately reminds people of the 0-16 season. Not something people like to be reminded of, to be quite honest. It triggers flashbacks of blowouts, defenses not being able to make a stop and offenses being completely inept.

It also reminds fans of underachieving or underperforming players such as quarterback Joey Harrington or wide receiver Charles Rogers. Infamous plays are brought back into light, such as quarterback Dan Orlovsky running out the back of the end zone for a safety. Certainly, these are things Detroit Lions fans are looking to forget.

On the other hand, there are fans out there that liked the look. We know looks can be subjective and everyone has their opinion, but in a “Detroit vs Everybody” world, the black jerseys showed a lot of toughness.

The only worry is the likeness of the Las Vegas Raiders and their “Black Hole” fanbase. The Detroit Lions are their own team and certainly not looking to replicate another franchise … in terms of color palette. We already know they are trying to replicate the success of the New England Patriots.

What will the Detroit Lions look like this season?

In 2020, they are set to make their Honolulu Blue shine in four of their five uniform options. The only option where the blue is a tertiary color is their grey “color rush” look. Even their all-white option appears to have solid blue knee-high socks to bring more of this team’s unique color into focus.

The current look is pretty clean. Since removing black from the color palette in 2017, the Lions color combos have remained clean and classic with the grey being the outlier to mix things up. The only thing missing from this lineup is a solid blue look, a much better option for color rush over the grey. Grey can be pretty drab considering the name “color rush” implies something much better, especially with this team’s unique color.

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What do you think, Lions fans? Should the team bring black back into the fold? Or would you rather it stayed buried with the negative memories from that point in the team’s history? Let us know in the comments!