Detroit Lions 2020 full-7 round mock draft: No trades, just picks

Credit: Ronald Martinez/Getty Images
Credit: Ronald Martinez/Getty Images /
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Wide Receiver Collin Johnson #11 from Texas
Wide Receiver Collin Johnson #11 from Texas (Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images) /

While the Lions didn’t get a chance to directly work with Johnson in the Senior Bowl, they probably know his Dad well after his ten-year NFL career.

Much like NBA superstars Steph Curry and Donovan Mitchell, Johnson grew up in locker rooms and learned how to be professional at a young age. He has below-average, but has excellent hands and can strong arm defenders to make up for it.

In a short-term threat, Johnson can be seen as a downfield threat for the Lions in a similar way that wideout Marvin Hall was this past season. In the long-term, if he continues to develop as a possession receiver, he could eventually replace receiver Marvin Jones.

At this point in the draft, the Lions should be looking for gems who could at the very least provide depth and could turn into solid starters on cheap contracts one day.

Strnad could fit that mold, as he is a solid coverage linebacker who led his team the Demon Deacons in interceptions his sophomore season. He has twitchy feet in a good way, and fits the tall linebacker role that Matt Patricia fell in love with in New England.

With all the injuries the Lions experienced at the linebacker position last season, adding Strnad for injury insurance could be wise. He can be an excellent special teams tackler, and could come in as a part of coverage units with linebackers like Jarrad Davis struggling with it.