Matthew Stafford trade rumors: Are the Detroit Lions really clueless?

Matt Patricia, Detroit Lions (Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images)
Matt Patricia, Detroit Lions (Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images) /
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Clueless or couldn’t care less?

So what is the truth? Are the Lions simply clueless like they have been for the past six decades? Or are they smarter then they have let on while duping their fans and the rest of the league in order to follow a secret itinerary that their fanbase might not have approved of?

I suppose the debate can be made for either train of thought. Each one has a high degree of possibly crashing and burning like so many of the Lions’ brainstorms before. Yet, what if the true answer is somewhere in between?

What if Bob Quinn has actually taken some calls or had some dialogue with other teams about Matthew for the sole purpose helping the Lions cause in the draft, but he was clumsy enough not to pull Matthew aside and say, ‘Listen, I’m talking with other teams about you in an effort to maximize what we can do in the draft. This is not a reflection of how we feel nor do we have any real interest in trading you.’

Quinn’s goal, however, could possibly be to make the quarterback hungry teams behind them in the draft nervous. As in hoping they will make a move that the Lions will benefit from big time.

Maybe Miami does trade up to the second pick with the Washington Redskins so they can snatch Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa from the Lions, but allowing Detroit to select that pass-rushing game-changer from Ohio State named Chase Young.

Or maybe Miami, Los Angeles or another team puts together a trade package for the Lions number three pick that Quinn can’t say no to.

Then there is another possibility, maybe Quinn and Patricia want to select Tua Tagovailoa. If there is no trade for the second pick to get the Alabama product leaving Young for the Lions, then maybe the Lions are in rebuilding mode.

Maybe they’re gauging what they could get for Matthew to decide whether to make a deal or keep Stafford to mentor Tagovailoa so he can learn for a year and be sure he’s completely healthy despite the very positive medical reports about his hip being healed.

The cap hit the Lions would take for dealing Matthew isn’t even remotely close to being good and since the Lions did restructure his contract making this the case, then it would make more sense if Bob Quinn was actually going to move Matthew, it would be after next season.

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One would hope that Bob Quinn and Matt Patricia must have some sort of game plan they are pursuing, but between lying to their fans and angering the wife of their franchise quarterback, it certainly gives the appearance that they either don’t know what direction they’re headed or frankly don’t give a damn what they do to get there.

But if whatever this plan is somehow actually works and eventually turns the Detroit Lions into legitimate contenders, then I guess fans won’t really care much either.