Would the Detroit Lions lose fans to a successful local XFL team?

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(Photo by Alex Wong/Newsmakers)

Detroit Lions fans are frustrated and tired of waiting for a winner. What would happen if the XFL expanded to the Motor City with a contender?

The Detroit Lions, as well as the rest of the NFL, are in offseason mode. It’s time to plan and prepare for free agency and the draft as every team has visions of improving and becoming a contender.

The Lions have been rebuilding since 1957, with no sign of becoming a true contender. Talk about your long term project. For the media and fans, building a winner seems easy, but the truth of the matter is that it is a difficult business. We all criticize poor decisions with the aid of hindsight on our side.

Saying the Lions should have drafted either Ed Oliver or Devin Bush last April is an easier conclusion to jump to after seeing how badly difference-makers were needed on defense. Although I think most of us were thinking the same thing during the draft.

The point is this; it is the job of Martha Firestone Ford to surround herself with a general manager and head coach that not only have a vision of what needs to be done to create a winner, but the ability to make it happen.

Then the Fords need to step aside and let them do their job. This is how winners are generally created in the NFL. Although Jerry Jones did get a few rings in Dallas while constantly buzzing in Jimmie Johnson and Barry Switzer’s ears.

But you might notice that since Jimmie left, who basically built the Dallas dynasty of the 1990s, they have only won the Super Bowl once. And that was with the team Jimmie built.

But the Lions haven’t gotten close at all to being a world champion. Some might suggest that the 1991 Lions were only one win away from the Super Bowl, but when you’re team is shredded in the conference championship game 41-10, you’re not a contender.

But what if the Lions had some competition in Detroit. What if they had to battle for fans with a winning franchise?

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