Should the Detroit Lions fire Bob Quinn? The pros and cons

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Another point being kicked around by Lions fans that has some merit is that the best, most successful franchises have little turnover in their coaching, front office, and ownership.

Think of the Pittsburgh Steelers who have literally had three coaches since 1969 and have lifted six Lombardi Trophies as NFL champions.

Their ownership has also never changed, the Rooney family has always owned them since 1936, thanks to Pro Football Reference, link.

By contrast, the Detroit Lions have had three coaches this decade. Here’s a link to the current head coaches of every franchise, which includes sortable coaching stats from The Football Database.

Getting rid of a general manager and coach is a big decision and should only be done after giving the leadership some time to make changes and hire the right people.

Many people feel that especially combined with the previous idea about Quinn having to keep Caldwell, that Quinn hasn’t had enough time to develop and support current head coach, Matt Patricia, who is in the middle of his second year at the helm.

Quinn is the tenth man to hold the position of general manager, excluding interim executives, since 1936 and the Ford family finalized their purchase of the team in 1963. Quinn is the fourth general manager since 2000, though.