Should the Detroit Lions fire Bob Quinn? The pros and cons

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Detroit Lions fans can’t decide if GM Bob Quinn keeps his job. How would you decide if you had the chance? Start with a pro-con list.

It was four years ago when Detroit Lions‘ Executive Vice President and General Manager Bob Quinn was hired by the Martha Firestone Ford and Rod Wood on January 11, 2016, to huge fanfare and with a lot of positive responses about the future of the club. Ford had assumed ownership of the franchise after the passing of her late husband, William Clay Ford, in March of 2014.

This four-year stretch has been largely considered a positive rebuilding with Quinn, a former New England Patriots personnel executive, but on the back of two losing seasons, many are starting to sour on the ‘Patriots Way’ and ask if the Lions are in need of a fresh start.

It is necessary to note that this is an exercise in rhetoric only. Fans have no ability to force Martha Firestone Ford to do anything and it is highly likely that nothing will happen during this offseason.

There are rumors making the rounds that Amazon owner, billionaire Jeff Bezos, may be interested in buying an NFL franchise, too, both sets of events are almost surely not going to happen to the Detroit Lions. It is fun to entertain the idea of having a say in our team beyond whether or not we will buy their products.

However, if it were up to us fans, consider the following…

Whenever we at Kick In The Crotch Weekly are faced with a difficult or complex question many people turn to the old make a pro-con list to weigh their options. In this case, the two columns are “Fire Quinn“, and by extension head coach Matt Patricia and the rest of his staff, or “Keep Quinn“, and give him a fifth year to continue the work of building the team.

Fans are not united on the issue of what they would do next. Many cannot stand the thought of another rebuild, while many cannot stand the thought of another mediocre (or worse) season. There are many pushing the patience mantra with phrases like, “Trust the process”, while many feel that they have already seen enough to warrant an ouster of the current regime.