Detroit Lions: What if Matthew Stafford suddenly retired like Andrew Luck?

DETROIT, MI - DECEMBER 11: Quarterback Matthew Stafford
DETROIT, MI - DECEMBER 11: Quarterback Matthew Stafford /
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The other option would be to try to keep the ship afloat by acquiring a veteran quarterback who is savvy enough to learn the Lions offense relatively quickly and good enough to help them win games. The problem is; where do you get that player?

If you look around the league there are no teams with a quarterback situation that affords them to be able to trade a quality passer while still having a young backup they feel is ready to take over. Not to mention the cost of players and or draft picks which would hinder the building process.

So with no clear available option to acquire, it’s back to drafting a quarterback and being in a position of having to trade-off assets to build a contender that grows and peaks at the same time as their new young signal-caller.

The opportunity to acquire a talented, young franchise passer to build around is certainly tantalizing, but we all need to remember that’s exactly what they did back in 2009 when they drafted Matthew Stafford and promptly gave him hardly anything to work with.

Now, to be honest, I think most fans have more faith in Bob Quinn’s ability to build a winner around the teams next young passing protege, then what has occurred previously with this organization, but the opportunity to contend now is what Martha Firestone Ford wants. She isn’t interested in another re-build and who knows if she has time for one.

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But assuming that Matthew doesn’t retire tonight, which would be a shock, it also allows Bob Quinn to finally do next spring what needs to be done; find a quarterback to start grooming in next years draft.

I say this for three reasons, the first is because you never know when Matthew will actually decide to retire and he isn’t getting any younger. The second is because then the Lions will have a quarterback that is already growing with the team and should be ready to play when needed, and thirdly is because Matthew hasn’t had a decent backup since the Shaun Hill days.

While these Lions still need a few more pieces, Matthew Stafford gives them an opportunity to win games now. Those who only look forward to the day he is no longer here, need to remember this; how many quarterbacks we have seen come and go in Detroit?

For younger fans who don’t know better, Stafford’s run at quarterback here in Detroit is unprecedented in length and ability. While the results may not have always been everything we wanted, he has performed better than any Lions passer in the last half a century.

Being consistent contenders and winning Super Bowls is what it’s all about. So I’m not suggesting that Matthew gets a free pass, but he does at least deserve a chance to make a run at it with the most talented team this franchise has put together in a long, long time. Especially considering what he’s been given to work with in the past.

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So we should be thankful and enjoy seeing if Matthew Stafford can lead these new and improved Lions on a run at contending before he is really gone one day.