Detroit Lions: Fractured franchise, Less owner involvement

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One of Patricia’s strengths is his ability to build game plans specifically for opponents. It’s more about the strategy of football, instead of counting upon having the better roster. It’s being able you use a guy down the depth chart for his specific talents, and not seeing that player as inferior because of what they can’t do.

The big story around these parts last week was that New England head coach Bill Belichick mentioned the Detroit Lions as an inspiration for his Super Bowl strategy: specifically the Rams/Lions game from Week 13. Here is the quote from Belichick after the Super Bowl:

"“We felt like if we could make them drive it, make ‘em earn it. Similar to what the Lions did. To make them just run a lot of plays and get them into third down. We felt like we could get them off the field on third down. Ultimately, we were able to do that.”"

It’s a nice compliment for Patricia as a strategist. But the Detroit Lions lost that game. The Rams game was a real low point for the team, as Detroit had dropped five of their last six games with that loss – the worst stretch of the season.

On “The Border Patrol” radio show, Lombardi heaped even more praise for the Lions strategy against the Rams (02-07-19, “Michael Lombardi”):

"“Go back and watch the Detroit Lion game. It looks like a pedestrian 14-point win for the Rams. But, if you study that tape, and you understand football. And you break that tape down. You know that (quarterback Jared) Goff didn’t play very well. And there (were) parts of that game that the Lions were kicking his butt. And the Patriots took that and moved it forward.”"

That last part about ‘moving it forward’ is significant because all the credit belongs to Belichick and the Patriots for winning yet another Super Bowl. But if Quinn and Patricia can continue to build the roster properly, it is clear that Patricia understands how to attack an opponent.

In some ways, the Patricia hire really exposed the shortcomings of the roster. But going forward there is a larger question to answer. Can the ownership of this team keep clear of making decisions and just let these guys do their thing?