Detroit Lions: Does progress matter or is it all about the draft pick?

Jarrad Davis, Detroit Lions (Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images)
Jarrad Davis, Detroit Lions (Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images) /
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(Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images)
(Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images) /

The Detroit Lions will host the high flying Los Angeles Rams today, but even if they find a way to pull out the victory, would it really matter?

The Detroit Lions playoff hopes are still alive. Just ask those hard-core fans who live and die by statistics. The Lions currently have a 1% chance of squeaking into postseason play. Which is something we may not be able to say after today’s contest against the Rams.

This has been a rough season for the Detroit Lions, Matt Patricia and the fans. The high expectations have made the crash back down to Earth that much more painful and everything  we hoped and dreamed about has turned into a headache with a side order of heartburn.

What was supposed to be the playoffs or bust has simply become a bust.

Yet as fans we find ourselves watching with all the morbid curiosity of gawkers driving by an accident on the highway. It’s horrible and gut-wrenching, but we just can’t bring ourselves to turn our eyes away.

So we are now left playing the familiar tune of ‘wait until next year. You would think that after 60 years that song would be worn out, but I suppose it’s the only thing that keeps Lions fans going.

Which leads us to ponder what is left to play for this season. Many fans are already all aboard the tank for a higher draft pick bandwagon. Then there are those that would like to see the Lions start emptying the bench to give their young players minutes so we can find out what they can do.

At this point neither is really the wrong answer and quite frankly they would both go hand-in-hand to accomplish the same goal.

It’s obvious that there is plenty of work for general manager Bob Quinn to do in order to upgrade this roster. However, there is one more possibility to watch for the rest of this season; what if the Lions actually make progress?