Do the Detroit Lions negatives really outweigh the positives so far?

Matthew Stafford, Kenny Golladay, Detroit Lions (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
Matthew Stafford, Kenny Golladay, Detroit Lions (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images) /
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(Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
(Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images) /

The Detroit Lions enter their bye week having posted some very disappointing performances, but are there really more negatives than positives for this team?

Today marks the Detroit Lions bye week for the 2018 season. So despite what even the most negative fans may think, they will still be 2-3 tomorrow.

Yes, the start of the season has not begun as well as the Lions faithful would have liked it to. All of the offseason hype just seemed to swell from the moment that general manager Bob Quinn was able to officially procure Matt Patricia as his new head coach.

The pairing of two former New England Patriots. One of which seemed to be pretty good at finding young talent and the other who is a rocket scientist that helped coach some championship teams.

This was it. This was the very long overdue and much-awaited turning point in what has been a completely sorrowful franchise for over half a century. The Detroit Lions were now ready to win the Super Bowl!

Now in Week Six, as the Lions rest from a less than glorious 2-3 start, the thought process has been tempered.

Some fans are ready to jump off the nearest building, while others believe there is a ray of hope.

On Friday, while watching the Pistons flex some muscle during their preseason finale, my friend suddenly turned to me and said, ‘while the Lions haven’t played as well as we want them too, there are still plenty of positives to be seen. Why do you keep focusing on the negatives?’

I gave him kudos for trying to catch me off guard like that, but I didn’t miss a beat with my answer; because unless the negatives are corrected, nothing is going to change.

We all lauded the arrival of Matt Patricia as a new era. I was no different in that thinking than anyone else. Now I knew that there would probably be some adversity that would need to be overcome (roster shortcomings, a change in training philosophy and scheme), but there was still the possibility of making some big steps forward as a franchise.

Instead, they continue to be inconsistent and even inept at times.