Ranking the 5 best Lions draft classes of the past 30 years

Mandatory Credit: Tom Pidgeon/Allsport
Mandatory Credit: Tom Pidgeon/Allsport /
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Mandatory Credit: Tom Pidgeon /Allsport
Mandatory Credit: Tom Pidgeon /Allsport /

3. 1995 NFL Draft

Round Selections: (Overall Pick)

1st. Luther Elliss: DT (20)

3rd. David Sloan: TE (70)

5th. Stephen Boyd: LB (141)

5th. Kez McCorvey: WR (156)

6th. Kevin Hickman: TE (186)

6th. Cory Schlesinger: FB (192)

7th. Hessley Hempstead: G (228)

Luther Elliss is one of the better picks Detroit has ever made when selecting in the twenties of the first round. Elliss made two Pro Bowls and compiled 29 sacks while playing on the interior of the Lions’ defensive line. Tight end David Sloan, along with linebacker Stephen Boyd, each made the Pro Bowl as well. These three combined for five Pro Bowls during their careers.

The real gem was fan-favorite, Corey Schlesinger, a bruising fullback known for breaking facemasks while blocking on a regular basis. While Schlesinger wasn’t the touchdown machine you’d expect, he was highly underrated as a pass catcher out the backfield — 197 catches for 1,445 yards receiving, and 14 total touchdowns.

Outside of those four players, Detroit didn’t get much other than depth out of this draft. The fact that the 1995 Draft is this high speaks to the Lions’ inept drafting ability for so many years. When you hit Pro Bowlers with your first three picks, however, you deserve some credit.