Lions (sort of) Snubbed in All Post-Season Awards – Deserved?


Pro Football Focus released their All-Pro teams today and only a few teams were recognized. Given the slots available on the list and the competition, it’s understandable that not every club can have a representative, including Detroit.

Five teams got no recognition at all by PFF, and perhaps understandably so. Most of the teams represented are not a surprise, New England has six, Seattle has 4, Dallas has four and the Giants have five. Some teams were left off the list completely, although Detroit’s Andre Robert received an honorable mention as a kick returner. At least the Lions weren’t completely left out of the conversation.

Although they weren’t totally left out, there were flashes of glory, however minor they may seem, that were overlooked by PFF. I appreciate the team they put together, for the most part, but I’d be interested to know how they rank their players. It’s not always based on stats.

Maybe not the best position to argue but Punters need love too!

Detroit’s Punter Sam Martin is on paper more impressive than all 3 punters listed on the AP team (1st, 2nd, honorable mention), with a net punt average a full 2 yards more than Pat McAfee of Indianapolis. In fact, his overall stats are better than 2 of the three. Of 63 total punts, he landed 37% inside of the 20, compared to McAfee’s 35%. Doesn’t seem like a big deal, right? Because Punters get no love in this league. I’ve heard people say that they’re not people. That’s CRAP! If your punter drops more than 1/3 of his kicks behind the red zone, it’s pretty damn good.

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Proof is in the Coffin

Ray Guy is in the HOF for his coffin-corner kick. That’s kicking the ball inside the 5 and dropping it out of bounds, holding their opponents to no less than a 95 yard field to cover. He hit the roof of the Super Dome! I’d like to see a place kicker do that, or a quarterback throw a 98 yard ARC. And yes, he’s the only one in Canton. More kickers are trying to master those skills these days as they realize the importance of their job. Please take a minute to read up on him, and appreciate the difference a good punter can make.

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Before you get upset…

I’m not writing an article about the importance of punters. And I’m certainly not picking on Pat McAfee by any means, he’s great at his job and a fun guy to watch. The point is to highlight the bright spots that were overlooked. I could write for pages on the discrepancies I see, but it’s all objective and ultimately doesn’t matter.

Show me the money, PFF!

While Detroit hasn’t had all the superstars on their roster that a lot of NFL’s elite, some of those bright spots go overlooked. It’s unfortunate, but understandable in most cases. If PFF would release their calculations,  the reasoning behind naming a 3rd ranked player as first-team all-pro may be clearer. Until then, I’ll shout the praises of Detroit’s punter and what an injustice it is that he missed this honor.

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