NFL Quarterback Power Rankings Part 1: 1-19

Matthew Stafford leads an interesting Detroit Lions roster into 2016. Mandatory Credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports
Matthew Stafford leads an interesting Detroit Lions roster into 2016. Mandatory Credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports /

With three weeks in the books, we get an idea of who came to 2016 prepared and who is still figuring things out. Lets take a look at the starting NFL QBs and where they rank amongst each other heading into Week 4 of the 2016 NFL Season.
NOTE: Linked for each quarterback is some of their impressive drives and throws so far this season.

1. Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers: 55/94 617 Yards 7 TD 1 INT
After a tough week against Minnesota I heard someone say that “Aaron Rodgers isnt his old self, he isnt elite anymore.” You have got to be kidding me. One week removed from his incredible throw to Devante Adams and now Rodgers isn’t his former self? 4 touchdowns in the first half shut that up, real quick.

2. Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints: 93/140 1062 Yards 8 TD 1 INT
Death, Taxes, and Drew Brees. He continues to carry this team kicking and screaming to competitive football and its about time the rest of the team steps up to the plate.

3. Matthew Stafford, Detroit Lions: 81/120 985 Yards 7 TD 2 INT
I don’t think I can name three quarterbacks playing at a higher level than Matthew. His leadership has improved as well as his decision making. This has allowed the qualities he has always had to shine even more. His connection with Marvin Jones is something no one expected, and it is one of the most spectacular stories this season.

4. Carson Wentz, Philadelphia Eagles: 66/102 769 Yards 5 TD 0 INT
Two months ago, Wentz didn’t have a chance at playing and was set to sit the bench and learn the system. Wentz seems to be quite the quick learner, as he has been the league’s most efficent passer. There is the fact that the only challenge he has faced is the Steelers, but every defense is still an NFL defense and he continues to amaze.

5. Philip Rivers, San Diego Chargers: 68/99 793 Yds 5 TD 0 INT
With Keenan Allen out with injury, Rivers will turn to Danny Woodhead for production. With Danny Woodhead gone, I have no idea how Phillip finds a way to put up points. Rivers is king at finding ways to produce with whoever you lineup at receiver and has yet to throw an interception in 2016. The 1-2 Chargers have played better than the record would suggest, but they will have to find ways to win games, because Rivers can’t do it alone.

6. Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh Steelers: 70/118 816 Yards 6 TD 4 INT
A rough week against Philly doesn’t take away from how good Ben has been so far. With Wheaton, Bell, Bryant, and Green all missing from this offense, the Steelers have looked excellent, largely in part to Big Ben.

7.Matt Ryan, Atlanta Falcons: 73/103 970 yards 7 TD 1 INT
Another quarterback who spends all game making up for a poor defense. Ryan has looked good through week 3 but he isn’t alone as running back duo Tevin Coleman and Devonta Freeman sure make things easier on the vet. He will be tested this week by a talented front 7 in Carolina.

8. Jimmy Garoppolo, New England Patriots: 42/59 496 Yards 4 TD 0 INT
Sporting the leagues top passer rating, tied with Matt Ryan, Garoppolo was dominant in his first two starts. Though it helps to have the NFL leading rusher on the team, the Patriots offense didn’t miss a beat without Brady, but an unfortunate injury means we may have seen the last of Garoppolo for a while.

9. Sam Bradford, Minnesota Vikings: 40/59 457 Yards 3 TD 0 INT
Trading a first round pick for Sam doesn’t look like the craziest thing now does it. Though he seems to take a hit that should break his frail body once a game, he has been efficient and accurate for the Vikings so far. With Sam at the helm, this team is a threat to go all the way.

10. Andrew Luck, Indianapolis Colts: 76/124 913 Yards 6 TD 2 INT
Late game heroics at home against the Lions crushed by defensive injuries, Luck is a guy who is going to drag this team kicking and screaming to an AFC South title. Luck’s stats haven’t been particularly stand out, but there is a ton of potential, and he is making big plays when the Colts need them.

11. Derek Carr, Oakland Raiders: 79/118 867 Yards 5 TD 1 INT
There is a confidence in the young gunslinger that is proving to be worth the wait. The third year quarterback has found himself in so high scoring games early, and has managed to score and avoid turnovers. Still some room to grow, but Oakland’s offense looks impressive thus far.

12. Eli Manning, New York Giants: 76/107 925 Yards 4 TD 3 INT
The Giants are off to a solid 2-1 start and it comes with solid quarterback play from Elisha. Topping the 350 yard mark twice in three games, this offense’s success starts with Eli distributing the rock, and he is doing it well. His real test comes this week against top pass defense, Minnesota Vikings.

13. Trevor Siemian, Denver Broncos: 63/94 756 Yards 5 TD 3 INT
The most important part about Siemian’s play is that week to week he has improved. A big showing against Cincy leaves everyone questioning if the Bengals are in 2015 form, but Siemian has proved to the NFL that he can rip it. He throws a pretty ball and an accurate ball. Reminds me of a young Tom Brady with his poise. Yeah I said it.

14. Cam Newton, Carolina Panthers: 63/108 809 Yards 5 TD 5 INT
Outside of a strong showing against a weak San Francisco defense, Cam has struggled in the early going of the season as the Panthers have doubled their loss total from 2015. Cam is not really to blame as Cam was sacked 8 times and has played the top two pass defenses in the NFL. Nonetheless, to be a top tier guy you can’t throw for only 1 TD and 4 INTs in 2 games, regardless of the opponent. Cam Newton is my top pick to reestablish himself in the top tier and it starts this week against Atlanta.

15. Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys: 66/99 767 Yards 66.7% 1 TD 0 INT
Prescott has played solid, mistake free football. The only problem is the lack of points coming from this offense. With the run game picking up I expect to see more from Prescott, specifically in the play action game, but for now Jason Garrett seems to be holding back the reigns. Set the man free.

16. Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks: 64/101 755 Yards 2 TD 1 INT
Last week was the first game this season where the Seahawks topped 12 points (38 points vs SF in week 3), and it they haven’t played any particularly impressive defenses. We all know what Russell is capable of, but with virtually no time and nagging injuries, the holes in this offense become exploited every week. The Jets will be no easy task as they sport an elite defensive front just waiting to feast on Seattle’s o-line. Protect Russell and he can do elite damage, he just isn’t doing it in 2016 yet.

17. Alex Smith, Kansas City Chiefs: 79/118 786 Yards 3 TD 1 INT
I hate to throw the term game manager around, but there is nothing particularly standout about Smith’s play this season. This Chief’s defense is playing at such a high level that not much is asked from Alex Smith, which defines his entire career in KC.

18. Marcus Mariota, Tennessee Titans: 67/107 723 yards 4 TD 4 INT
Mariota has yet to break out for a big game this season and this offense really hasn’t shown much. Nonetheless, Mariota hasn’t even played 16 games in this league, so no need to overreact.

19. Joe Flacco, Baltimore Ravens: 76/118 774 Yards 3 TD 4 INT
Flacco has been particularly boring through these first three weeks. I have no idea how this team is 3-0 right now.