Detroit Lions: Bold Offseason Predictions

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Well Detroit Lions fans, we’ve reached the dark ages of the year. The time in between the season and free agency is known to be a quiet time.

Obviously there will be some cuts here in the next few weeks. But aside from that the only thing Lions fans have to look forward to for the next five and half weeks are rumors and the unveiling of the Lions new alternate jerseys which could be any day now. Thank the sports gods that we can fill our time with the remainder of both the NBA and NHL seasons. Luckily for Detroit, both of their teams in those leagues may be heading to the playoffs.

But for Lions fans, all you can do now is think about the future. The Lions look to be quite the active team starting at 4:00 on March 15th. From there the Lions go right into the draft where they have ten choices to make this season. This writer is quite excited about the draft this year as the NFL moved it up two days and my wife and I can enjoy our anniversary instead of watching the first round at home. That’s neither here nor there though.

Photo by Carlos Monarrez,
Photo by Carlos Monarrez, /

With the Lions new front office in place with Bob Quinn at the helm, fans are left with more questions than answers. What I want to do here today is attempt to predict some of the moves and decisions the Lions will make over the course of the next six months. Of course predictions would be nothing if they weren’t a little bold. Let’s jump into it.

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