4 reasons the Detroit Lions should not trade Stafford

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Because it’s dumb

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Pretty straight forward. It’s really dumb to trade your franchise quarterback in an era where there hasn’t been anything better since maybe Andrew Luck. Even Luck has shown that he’s not all he’s been cracked up to be. To take a page out of the book of one of my Twitter followers @Redruckas81, if a team is willing to give up their first three draft picks for your player, isn’t it obvious that you should probably keep that player?

Furthermore let’s say you do make this deal. Ok you’ve got the 22nd pick in the first round now. Any quarterback worth taking in a down year for quarterbacks is long gone by now. So you take a second tier guy while the Texans, a playoff team no less, now has your Pro Bowl quarterback and you’re wondering what Robert Griffin is up to. Oh yeah I almost forgot. You still have to pay Stafford $16.5 mil. to play in Houston while you try to make ends meet with your second or third round quarterback that you reached for in the first round.

One last thing. You’re also going to have to fire Bob Quinn for making such a ludicrous deal and setting your team back for who knows how long. You have to fire whoever the coach is as well cause he will obviously take the blame due to his poor clock management skills. So now you’re right back to where you started. You have no GM, no coach, there’s money missing off the dresser and your daughters knocked up. I’ve seen it hundred times. I ask you now, do you really want to trade Matthew Stafford?