5 Detroit Lions who disappointed in 2015

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Stephen Tulloch

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports
Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports /

If you had a hard time seeing Stephen Tulloch in 2015, just watch the part of the field that almost every opposing quarterback the Lions played attacked the most. He’s the guy missing the tackle or getting flat out burnt by the receiver. He’s even getting beat in the picture above.

Perhaps Tulloch never quite recovered from the torn ACL that kept him out of the 2014 campaign as it definitely looked like he lost a step or two this season. At one point in time Tulloch was ranked in the top ten in the NFL for missed tackles by a linebacker. It was just a disappointing showing for a guy that just two years ago had the best season of his career.

Like Ngata, there’s an overwhelming chance that we’ve seen the last of Tulloch in Detroit this season. The Lions will likely part ways with the 30 year old to make more cap space during free agency. Perhaps Reggie Ragland could be his replacement?

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