Detroit Lions Draft: An Offensive Lineman for Every Round

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Seventh Round: Siaosi Aiono, center, Utah

Aiono only fits a specific type of line play, so this selection would be dependent upon the new—and there will be a new—coaching staff using a power-based blocking scheme.

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In that heads-up style, there are few pivots with better functional strength or tenacity than the big Ute. You want toughness? Aiono broke his right hand, his snapping hand. No problem, he played two weeks later by snapping with his left and didn’t have an error.

The California native started for three years, and that includes a full season at right tackle. Even though he’s not the most agile, Aiono is adept at cut blocking and can get out in front of screens. It’s quickness in the short area where he can struggle. He will be tested at the Shrine Game in January.
He’s got the intelligence and versatility to make an excellent sixth lineman. For a nice read on his skills, check out this Kyle Goon piece in the Salt Lake Tribune.