Detroit Lions Top GM Candidates

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Omar Khan

Current job: Director of Football Administration, Pittsburgh Steelers

Why he fits: The 38-year-old whiz kid is universally cited as a leading candidate to become one of the league’s next great GMs. Khan, a first-generation American of mixed ethnicity, has worked with the Steelers for almost 15 years. During that time Pittsburgh has been one of the most stable, consistently successful organizations in pro sports.

Here’s what ESPN had to say about Khan back in 2013,

"Khan, Pittsburgh’s point man on contract negotiations, is respected by agents as tough but fair. The Steelers’ director of football administration is also widely regarded as a nothing less than a wizard when it comes to the dynamics of the NFL."

He’s always a visible and accessible presence during events like the Senior Bowl but also in the community, and the Lions could use a more fan-friendly management face. His diversity would be considered a plus for the organization that cares about those sorts of things.

Hangups: He has no real collegiate scouting background. His primary responsibility has been the salary cap, and the Steelers have had to let good players go (Emmanuel Sanders, LaMarr Woodley, Santonio Holmes) in part because of cap issues.

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