Should The Detroit Lions “Tank” The Rest Of Their Season?

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As you navigate through the vast comment thread that is the internet, you come across an entire spectrum of ideas and thoughts that you may have never considered before. Some good, most bad, and some that are just plain staggering.

One such staggering opinion among segments of the fan-base is “tanking” i.e. lose games on purpose to increase your odds of getting a better draft pick in the upcoming draft.

While I am not putting down fans of the Detroit Lions, I am putting down their “wants” and “needs”. Sure, without much of a thought process some will come to the conclusion that a higher draft pick means success. The two are not directly related. If this hypothesis were true, the Cleveland Browns and Jacksonville Jaguars would have built dynasties. The Lions, with their own share of top ten picks in the past 6 years (they have had four top ten picks in that time), would have also built a winning team.

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