Detroit Lions: Four Quick Takeaways from the win over Green Bay

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The special teams roller coaster

The last time Detroit won in Green Bay, I was a college student working summers at Cedar Point. The special teams play in this game took me back to my days riding the then-new Magnum XL 200 roller coaster every day after my 10-hour shift.

Mandatory Credit: Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Matt Prater nailed both his field goals, including a 51-yarder which was good from the second it left his right foot. Yet he missed both his extra point attempts. The first miss was never within the goal posts from the second he kicked it.

Ameer Abdullah raced 104 yards with the opening kickoff of the second half, the longest non-scoring play in NFL history. He darn near fumbled at the end a la Calvin Johnson in Seattle, but thankfully the Packers didn’t press the issue. Golden Tate also kickstarted a drive with an impressive punt return, though he hurt his foot in the process.

George Wynn deserves credit for two huge hits on returns, and the coverage on Prater’s final kickoff was strong. Sam Martin pulled out the Phil Mickelson lob wedge on his final punt to help pin the Packers deep. The view from the top of the Magnum hill, where on a sunny day you can actually see Canada, was majestic.

Then came the onside kick, which Calvin Johnson of all people let slide through his hands. Green Bay recovered and had a final shot. Fortunately Mason Crosby shanked the potential game-winner.

What a ride it was!

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