The Detroit Lions are handcuffed to everything you hate

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Matthew Stafford

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There’s no secret that most Lions fans loathe Matthew Stafford and believe he is the decisive reason the Lions have not been able to put together a team capable of making a run at the Super Bowl. While he is part and parcel to the Lions success or lack there of, it’s hard place the blame squarely on the shoulders of a man that’s been sacked 67 times since 2014.

There’s no doubt that Matthew Stafford has to play better. What’s certain is the Lions have no hope for trading the former number one overall pick. The issue isn’t a lack of interested parties, there a many teams that would chop off their left arm to have Matthew Stafford. The issue lies in Stafford’s contract. It would simply be financially irresponsible to pay Stafford north of $25 million to play for another team. Furthermore the Lions would be hard pressed to find a team that can take on Stafford’s $17 million cap hit.

Re-drafting the Mayhew era

The Lions owe Stafford $11 million in guaranteed money next season and his cap hit accounts for $22 million in 2016. In other words the Lions find themselves in the same position the Bears are in with Jay Cutler, quarterback purgatory.

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