Five Potential Detroit Lions to Watch in CFB Week 7

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Danzel McDaniel, Cornerback, Kansas State

No Lions fan would ever argue the point that the team needs to add more youthful talent to the secondary. Depth has been a chronic issue for not just Detroit but really every NFL team.

Kansas State corner Danzel McDaniel has been a personal favorite of mine since he exploded onto the scene as a JUCO transfer last season. One of his brightest moments came with a long pick-six against Oklahoma, and he gets another shot at the Sooners at 3:30 PM on ABC.

McDaniel has good size for a corner at 6’1″ and 205 solid pounds, and the Illinois native can click and close on the ball better than most NFL corners already.

His solid tackling and ability to chase down plays across the formation make some draft analysts project him as a safety.

Either corner or safety, the Lions can use smart, physical, playmaking young talent on the back end of the defense. McDaniel checks enough boxes that he is likely a second or third round pick next spring.