NFL Week Three Expert Picks

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Well I’m sad to say that I had another horrible week of making NFL picks last week. I think the general consensus of this season is that nobody knows what they are talking about. Nevertheless we are all going to stick it out and keep the competition going. Here is the current leader board.

Week Payton William Platte Mack Pursel Glisson II Stahl  DeGain Baligian Meinke Risdon
Week One 5-11  8-8  11-5  9-7  8-8  0-0  6-10  8-8  9-7  8-8  8-8
Week Two 1-13  8-8  6-10  8-8  6-10  0-0  6-10  7-9  7-9  5-11  6-10
Total  6-24  16-16  17-15  17-15  14-18  0-0  12-20  15-17  16-16  13-19  14-18

Just like last week let’s jump right into the deep end with the game that we’ll have our eye’s on this week.

Redskins at Giants

Another week, another NFC East showdown. The Giants have not started quite like they wanted to and the redskins are an enigma from week to week thus far. Believe it or not the Redskins currently have the leagues number one defense and the 11th ranked offense. It’s hard to bet against that. Even if the Giants are at home and in need of a win. This Giants team simply has too many questions, take the Redskins.

Redskins: Payton, Glisson, Meinke, Mack, Pursel, DeGain, 

Giants: Platte, Risdon, Stahl, Baligian, Williams, 

Chiefs at Packers

I’m sure we all know how this game will go. The Packers are near unbeatable at home and the Chiefs offense is having trouble duplicating its week one performance. Chances are, even if the Chiefs did duplicate that performance, Aaron Rodgers and the Packers would be able to steal the win anyways. Take the Cheese heads at home this week.


Packers: Payton, Risdon, Glisson, Stahl, Baligian, Meinke, Williams, Mack, Pursel, DeGain, 

Bills at Dolphins

I don’t know if Lions fans have noticed, but things are not going well for the former Detroit Lion in Miami. On top of his ineffectiveness, It turns out Suh has taken it upon himself to become the Dolphins defensive coordinator and ignore the guy who owns the title. Suh has already got himself into a little trouble this year as well after the Alfred Morris incident. In other words, while the Lions miss, us writers are happy we don’t have to write about him anymore. Take the Bills here.

Bills: Payton. Risdon, Glisson, Meinke, Mack, Pursel, DeGain, 

Dolphins: Stahl, Baligian, Williams,

Let’s go to the games of the week.

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