2015 Detroit Lions Game by Game Predictions

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Week Eight vs Chiefs

Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Cheerio Gubna! The Lions head over to jolly old England for a fortnight to take on the gents for Kansas City in week eight.

Last year the Lions gave all their fans a bloody good heart attack they did. After going down 21 to zilch, the Lions gobsmacked the Falcons when they made a huge comeback and won in final seconds with Matt Prater field goal that was blinking aces.

This year the Lions take on the Chiefs and 9:30 in morning and you rest assure that fans will be good and knackered after waking up that early. The Chiefs will surely make this game quite the kerfuffle for the Lions as they have quietly looked pretty solid in the preseason. Kansas City finished in the top ten for both total offense and total defense. It appears that Alex Smith knows what a wide receiver is again and the Chiefs could very well have a 2013 like season in 2015.

This game should be a ripping good time to watch and appears to be an even match up. But the Queen will be smiling upon the Lions for the second straight year as they just pull it out in the fourth quarter. Win (6-2)

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