2015 Detroit Lions Game by Game Predictions

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Week Fifteen vs Saints

Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Lions head to a familiar place of embarrassment when they take on the saints in the Superdome.

While Matthew Stafford led the NFL in QBR over the course of the preseason. It was Drew Brees who was right on his tail in second place. In other words, Drew Brees is still a problem for NFL teams. What’s worse is that Drew Brees is angry after how things went down against the Lions in 2014 and he will be looking for revenge.

Brees can tear just about any defense up when he’s on. What doesn’t help the Lions is that Sean Payton recognizes the playbook and will be calling this thing accordingly. The Lions suffer a fate similar to 2011 when the Saints take care of business in the vaunted Superdome. Loss (9-5)

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